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Tortilis Camp, Amboseli, Kenya

Tortilis Camp, Kenya Tortilis Camp, Kenya Tortilis Camp, Kenya

Tortilis Camp is a luxury permanent tented camp that has stunning view towards Mount Kilimanjaro. On a clear morning you can view the mountain from your bed! There are 17 thatched tents set on wooden platforms, a dining/lounge area serving north Italian traditional recipes, and a swimming pool.

Activities include game viewing in the park and one can also spend time following the matriarchal elephant herds from the luxury of open sided safari Land Rovers; walk with a trained Maasai guide, sip sundowners on top of Kitirua hill as the sun sets coloring the snows of Kilimanjaro pink, bush breakfasts out on the plains or a visit to one of the Maasai manyattas (villages) to meet the Maasai women, watch the Morans (young warriors) dance and experience their age-old existence.